Colloidal silver 50 ppm


  • aqueous colloid of silver nanoparticles with very high and long-lasting effectiveness,
  • provides bactericidal and fungicidal activity,
  • ensures the increase of microbiological safety and hygiene, and therefore reduction of work-space operating costs,
  • microbiological effectiveness over 90%,
  • intended as an additive in disinfectants / protective agents with immediate and prolonged action,
  • active ingredient of preparations for rooms disinfection, air-conditioning, furniture and other devices, as well as animal care formulations and protection of plants against mold and fungi,
  • allergy friendly preparation,
  • environmentally friendly colloid replacing chlorine-based agents.


Form: lucid yellow and amber colloid

Composition: demineralized water, colloidal silver

Silver contents: 50ppm (+/- 5ppm)

Expiration date: 6 month from the production date (under proper storage conditions).

Application: Mix precisely with a target product. Product packed in canisters with capacity of 5 liters. It must be protected against sun and cannot be left in a strong electromagnetic field.