– three pillars of SMART NANOTECHNOLOGIES’ activity


NANOTECHNOLOGY – believing that the future belongs to nanomaterials and solutions at the atomic level, from the very beginning we have associated the company’s activity with this field of science. For some, the science of tomorrow, for others a mysterious discipline on the verge of magic. For us, nanotechnology is a response to the challenges of the future, providing tools for solving problems in many areas of life. In the balance of profits and losses, nanotechnology is a huge prospect for the development of the global economy. Nanoscale technologies are a hope for a safer tomorrow, creating many alternative solutions such as for instance antimicrobial nanoparticles overcoming the multidrug-resistance as an alternative to inefficient antibiotics. In response to the needs of the most demanding customers, SMART NANOTECHNOLOGIES provides comprehensive support in the search for sustainable and competitive solutions in the field of nanotechnology.

INNOVATION – the heart of our company consist of the R&D department, which goal is to prepare new, functional and therefore attractive technologies. Thanks to our support, even the most traditional and known for years products can gain new functionalities and thus a new commercial life.

PROFESSIONALISM – endeavor for perfection can describe all our activities. At SMART NANOTECHNOLOGIES, we do not compromise on creating solutions for customers. We carefully control the whole process of product creation – from idea, through translating the idea into the language of science, till its implementation and quality control. Our professionalism is guaranteed by a team of passionate, versatile experts who are ready to solve the most difficult challenges posed by contractors.