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Nanotechnology is the science of the future, and at the same time an answer to today’s civilization problems.


Nanotechnology is interdisciplinary field that combines the power of many sciences, including physics, chemistry, materials science and medicine. The main assumption of nanotechnology is controlled creation and use of structures, materials and devices with nanometric dimensions. The prefix “nano” is derived from the Greek word meaning dwarf, it is used as a prefix for many units of measurement and means one billionth, or 10-9. The term nanomaterials refers to commonly occurring chemical compounds at the nanometer scale.

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believing that the future belongs to nanomaterials and solutions at the atomic level, from the very beginning we have associated the company's activity with this field of science. For some, the science of tomorrow, for others a mysterious discipline on the verge of magic. For us, nanotechnology is a response to the challenges of the future, providing tools for solving problems in many areas of life. In the balance of profits and losses, nanotechnology is a huge prospect for the development of the global economy.

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Our experienced and interdisciplinary team of experts and business specialists works on the success of our company. Pioneer nanotechnology-based solutions are developed by professionals with chemical, technological, biotechnological and microbiological background. Scientific experience, willingness to create innovative solutions and passion in what we do allow us to carry out even the most demanding research and development projects. Technological work is supported by an experienced team of marketing and sales specialists