GLADOC is a specially designed component for windshield washer fluids created on the basis of nanotechnology, which results in new functional properties, unattainable using traditional solutions. Regular use of windshield washer with GLADOC leads to filling the scratches, that assures improved glass translucency and its performance.

Windshield washers containing GLADOC additive show strong hydrophilic properties, that lead to easy penetration of the surface, what ensures the quick and effective removal of dirt and insects. Elimination of minor damage of the windshield has a positive effect on: visibility while driving, driving comfort, and consequently on the safety of the driver and passengers. GLADOC does not adversely affect metal and rubber elements. It does not change the colour, transparency, scent or viscosity of the windshield washer fluid. Test performed at independent Scientific Units confirm effectiveness of the preparation.


State of matter: liquid

Colour: colourless

Odour: odourless

Ignition temp.: not applicable/inflammable product

Expiration date: 12 months

Usage: GLADOC additive must be mixed with a washer fluid in a ratio of 1 to 1000.